Our goal was to immerse the body into a complete state of bliss, bring us back into our parasympathetic state. We have chosen specific holistic practices and integrated them into a one hour full body session. Connecting to primordial senses, smells, touch, and sound.

Mystical Vibez sessions include massage therapy to aide the mind & body into a deep relaxation. Organic sesame oil is used for it's energetically grounding properties. Cleansing of the aura through reiki and smudging. Aligning the chakras with sacred crystals and stones. Sound bathing with crystal quartz singing bowls, tibet bowls and acutonics.



Private Group Sound Meditation

Sound therapy has been used for centuries, through different instruments, aiding emotional imbalances, anxiety, depression, stress, deepening spiritual practice's and meditation. Crystal sound bowls are played at different notes to connect with the chakra system.

Private group sound meditation's include one hour of sound healing with aroma therapy, smudging, and reiki.