DIY OG Smudge

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Want to try something new, creative and fun? Try wrapping your own smudge wand with your own intention! 

Inside you’ll find:

sage ~ for clearing old energy 

rosemary ~ for protection 

roses ~ to bring love 

eucalyptus ~ for antibacterial effects 

also comes with your own cut string to wrap your smudge wand

* open up your kit, set your intention, wrap your smudge wand, then light up your smudge wand to clear old energy in your home. Remember once your done smudging open up some windows and doors to allow energy to flow through 

Step 1 ~ open your kit box and separate the herbs 

Step 2 ~ holding your sage & rosemary together tie a double knot at the bottom of the stems with your string leave about 2 inches of excess string

Step 3 ~ sprinkle your rose petals and eucalyptus leaves throughout your smudge holding everything together

Step 4 ~ wrap all the herbs together with the string go in circular motions up the top of the stems then back down creating a cris-cross affect with your string

Step 5 ~ meeting again at the bottom of your stem tie your needing double knot with the 2 in excess string from step 2

Step 6 ~ cut off any remanding string with your scissors & set your intention and burn your smudge wand