SOLAR Summers

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Our seasonal kits are here! 🌞

These Solar Summer kits are crafted with so much love and intention to resonate with this season’s chakra. Solar plexus is linked to the fire of summer, tune into our creativity. Hand wrapped smudge bundle with rosemary lavender and rose, wrapped in selenite to keep the aura cleansed. The special summer jars include eucalyptus, rose, & tumbled goldstone. Goldstone is beautiful and sparkles, like the sun star ☀️ it’s linked to ambition and drive.

The Rosemary bundle is used to burn and smudge your home with the smoke from the herbs.

The selenite wand is used for aura cleansing, usually kept next to your bed.

The jar comes with goldstone, recommended to have on your office desk or a work place.



*Every season we’ll introduce a new kit, with new energies to welcome the transition.