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One Tourmaline and one Clear quartz crystal wrapped on cedar wood and a heart chakra symbol. 

Clear Quartz is the master healer, the ultimate chakra balancing stone. Welcoming clear thoughts and clean energy.

Black Tourmaline connects to our lower chakras, grounding the mind and the body to the planet. Helping us to find comfort and security in all aspects of life. It is protective by absorbing negative energies. 

~One of a kind Tourmaline

Root System 

color: red

element: earth

location: perineum

 affirmation: i am

Heart Chakra

color: green 

element: air

location: heart

body part: heart, lungs, shoulders, upper back

issue: grief, heartbreak

affirmation: i love


*Crystals should not be burned. Crystals are wrapped separately so they may be taken off the bundle if preferred.