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Each bowl connects to a different chakra

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Sound Healing For The Soul

Sacral Chakra Singing Bowl
  • Do you suggest a bowl with the chakra I am struggling with or strongest in?

    Like the waves of life, we are constantly changing, adjusting, and rediscovering ourselves. You may feel connected to some chakras more than others at different points in your life. We recommend choosing a bowl that resonates with the chakra you currently feel needs some extra loving

  • What is smudging?

    Smudging is sacred and intimate. It is a spiritual practice that is used to cleanse and purify your space and aura. When smudging there is intention. You can smudge your home, your body, an object, and anything you feel needs an energy shift

  • Do you ship world wide?


    Our products can be shipped world wide. International customers must be aware of their country's custom laws. For more information on international shipping, please read our international shipping policy

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