Which note should I choose for my singing bowl?

We are often asked, "which note should I choose?"

Choosing the right singing bowl can be made simple!

Each of our singing bowls connect to a specific energy center, known as Chakras. The notes the bowls are tuned to play, and the colors they are hand-painted are specific to their chakra connection. When choosing a bowl, we ask that you tune into your being. Which chakra do you feel needs some work? The goal is to align ourselves, bring us back into balance.

Below is some detailed information on the chakra system, you may find that some resonates more than others at this very moment in your life.

T H E   7  C H A K R A S

There are said to be 7 main chakras, starting from the root of your body to the crown of your head. Each chakra corresponds to major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being.

The energy centers spin in circular motion, like a wheel, when in alignment the spinning is smooth and open. When chakras are closed, the spinning is rough and imbalance in this area can occur. This is when issues can begin to arise, they can be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Awareness and meditation help bring these chakras back into balance, as well as the vibrations of sound therapy, energy work like reiki, crystal healing, and cultivating a meditative practice.

Crown Chakra

These sound bowls connect us to our higher self and our spirituality 

Color: violet/white
Element: thought
Location: top of the head
Body part: brain, nervous system 
Issue: brain fog, headaches
Affirmation: i understand

Third Eye

These sound bowls connect us to our intuition, inviting clarity 

Color: indigo 
Element: light
Location: forehead
Body part: pineal gland 
Issue: fearful, anxious
Affirmation: I see

Throat Chakra

These sound bowls connect us to be honest and to speak our truth 

Color: blue
Element: ether
Location: throat
Body part: throat
Issue: communication
Affirmation: i speak
Heart Chakra

These sound bowls play a heart warming frequency to help one with self love

Color: green
Element: air
Location: heart
Body part: heart, lungs, shoulders, upper back
Issue: grief, heartbreak
Affirmation: i love

    Solar Plexus

    These sound bowls play a powerful frequency that brings a strong sense of willpower

    Color: yellow
    Element: fire
    Location: upper belly
    Body part: stomach, liver, digestive organs
    Issue: anger
    Affirmation: i do


    Sacral Chakra

    These sound bowls play a frequency that connects us to our desires and sexuality

    Color: orange
    Element: water
    Location: sacrum
    Body part: lower spine, reproductive organs
    Issue: sexual desire, creativity
    Affirmation: i feel

    Root Chakra

    These sound bowls play a grounding frequency that brings a sense of security and protection

    Color: red
    Element: earth
    Location: perineum
    Body part: hips, legs, base of spine
    Issue: stability, dizziness
    Affirmation: i am